Hot Beverage Machines

Incup Drinks PacketsLow Cost Instant Hot Drinks and Drinks Machines with no more washing up!

Coffee Shop Quality Instant Hot Coffee and Tea from a range of well known brands. We can provide you with a number of different drink machines to suit your office environment.

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Let us know you're interested in trying our hot drinks (no obligation, and free of charge of course...), and we'll call you back to arrange a demo at your office, or to discuss your needs. Free coffee; what could be better!

Our range of in-cup hot drinks and fresh-brewing systems are a great alternative to the time consuming tea break and broken old kettle. They’re also more hygienic and more convenient for you.

We’re certain that using our machines will save you time, and you can finally wave goodbye to washing up dirty old mugs!

All our disposable cups are collected and recycled into useful stationary, free of charge.

We provide quality drinks from a range of well known brands including:

  • Nescafe Gold Blend, Cappuccino, Mocha and Latte Coffees
  • Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate
  • Soups (Chicken, Tomato, Oxtail, Vegetable)
  • Tetley and PG Tips Tea
  • Bovril, Cold Lemon, Orange and Blackcurrant

From the simple hot and cold water cooler, to a table top vending machine, our water coolers offer pure hot water with the best possible taste and professional presentation.

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