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Used Cup Collection Service

We're as passionate about preserving the environment as we are about our coffee which is why Office Beverages offers all its customers a used cup collection service to avoid old cups going to landfill. We're as passionate about preserving the environment as we are about our coffee and so believe strongly in promoting, as well as pursuing, sustainable environmental policies. This unique commitment to collect and recycle all the packaging waste we deliver forms a key strategy to our business. With all of your recycled cups made into stationary our used cup collection service can therefore form an integral part of your businesses own environmental policy.

Our "Office" group of companies, including Office Water Coolers, Office Beverages, and now our Office Services division, lead the market in terms of our carbon neutral status and our environmental commitment. Our recyclable products include returnable bottles, polystyrene and paper cups for hot and cold drinks, plastic and wooden stirrers, electrical waste, water filters, drinks sachets and all of our packaging.

Working with Our Customers

At Office Beverages we strive every day to help our customers understand the important environmental facts about our industry and how we can work together to protect and promote the environment. By calculating and reducing usage, collecting and recycling as much material as we possibly can, we are not only helping the environment, but creating a positive example for others to follow.

We'll not only collect your waste but advise you on the best service and products. That includes quality and choice of product, food miles, fair trade, carbon emissions, collection and recycling of waste. By working with the rainforest alliance and maintaining our carbon neutral status, we aim to become a truly sustainable supply partner.

Our Carbon Neutral Status

Our new Services division has been set up to support a growing requirement for a sustainable service that ensures we deliver a truly carbon neutral service that complements our clients own initiatives and is in line with theISO14001 continual improvement programmes.

Alongside our used cup collection service, our dedication to carbon neutrality sits at the heart of our environmental policy. Our current offsetting partner, Carbon Clear, have invested our money into a small hydropower electricity generation project in Keban, Turkey. The Keban 5 MW Hydropower plant is a small-scale hydropower project in East Anatolia that generates renewable energy for the Turkish electricity grid. The project not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions by displacing fossil fuel generated electricity, but helps remove pollutants associated with fossil fuel combustion, such as sulphur and nitrous oxide, from the atmosphere.

Screenshot of the Keban Carbon Clear project summary PDF

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