Dealing With Algae in Your Water Cooler

By Chris Cook

In order to ensure that our clients get the most from their water coolers, we at Office Water Coolers believe our clients should get all the facts before they purchase a water cooler. To help ensure that you make an informed decision, we want to make sure you're aware of some of the potential pitfalls of running and maintaining a water cooler.

I'm sure some people will have already experienced this; over time your water cooler goes green! This happens when your water cooler is getting too much sunlight.

Even very pure water is very rarely free of all microbes and living organisms. When a water bottle is placed in a very well lit area, these organisms can begin to grow, it's this growth that causes your water bottle to go green. This can be alarming at first, but we can assure you that this problem is very easily solved.

Solving this problem starts when we come to deliver your water cooler; we will perform a site-survey in order to determine the best location for for the cooler in your office. Part of this survey will include consideration of how much sunlight your water cooler may receive. We will do our utmost to ensure your water cooler isn't left in a location where algae growth is likely. 

However, we appreciate it's not always possible to ensure the water cooler is located in the most ideal position. If we think your water cooler is likely to grow algae, we can provide you with a "hood" for your water bottles. This is simply a made-to-measure cloth hood which slides over your water bottle and prevents light from reaching the water. The hoods are attractive and do not look out of place on top of the water cooler.

The hoods effectively stop all algae growth.

We hope this information helps you enjoy your water cooler!

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