How to Choose a Water Cooler Supplier

By Chris Cook

If you're reading this, it's seems likely that you've been searching for a water cooler supplier. You will probably have noticed that there are lots of water coolers suppliers out there and it can often seem like there's very little to distinguish them from each other. This can make choosing a water cooler supplier very difficult! Thankfully there are a few criteria you can look for to help you make a decision regarding a water cooler supplier.

1. Do they provide regular sanitation?
Water coolers that are not regularly sanitised quickly get dirty and un-hygienic, sometimes you'll even see algae growing inside the water bottles! Ask any potential supplier if they provide a regular sanitation service.

2. Do they deliver frequently?
Without a frequent delivery schedule you'll find yourself running out of water, so find out what the delivery schedule is.

3. Do they provide a range of water coolers?
If you don't have a mains water supply you'll need a bottled water cooler, check to see if the supplier has a range of different water coolers, if they don't you might not be able to use their water cooler.

4. Do they provide a free, no-obligation, trial of a water cooler?
You might find that having a water cooler in your office isn't right for you, why not find out before committing to a contract.

5. Do they install the water cooler?
Installing a water cooler can be a tricky job! Especially installing a mains-fed water cooler (also called a plumbed in water cooler). Find out if they provide an installation service.

6. Where do they get their water from?
Not all water is the same; find out who they get their water from, what the composition is and if it meets regulatory requirements.

7. Are they a member of an industry organisation?
Members of organisations such as the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) are more likely to provide a better service because they have to meet strict guidelines on sanitation, water quality, professional training and environmental practices.

8. Do they offset their carbon?
Being green isn't difficult; you'll be helping the environment by choosing a water cooler supplier who is carbon neutral.

As you can see, there's quite a lot that sets apart good water cooler suppliers, hopefully this information will help you decide wisely.

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