Essential Care of a Plumbed-in Water Cooler

By Ann Vickery

Office Watercoolers (SW) Ltd. is a member of the British Water Cooler Association who are the organisation responsible for developing and maintaining quality standards for the water cooler industry in the UK.

The water cooler delivered to your premises is a high quality appliance, which will give you trouble free operation as long as the following simple guidelines are observed. Prior to installation, your cooler has been thoroughly inspected and sanitised in our workshop to ensure that the purity of the water dispensed is not compromised in any way. The following guidelines are designed to ensure that this quality is not prejudiced once it is in your possession.

It is recommended that a member of your staff is nominated to be responsible for the cooler and to act as liaison with us.

Safety Factors

Do Not

  • Change the fuse rating from that installed by us
  • Leave the cooler plugged into the power supply with no water in the cooler.
  • Use a plumbed in water cooler if you are informed of mains water problems. You must isolate the cooler via the stop tap, attach a sign saying do not use and contact us immediately so that we can make arrangements to come and sanitize all equipment and fit new filters.


  • Isolate the water supply in the event of a leak via the stop tap
  • Report any cooler malfunctions to us
  • Ensure that the Sanitisation Programme is maintained by contracting us if there is any doubt
  • Allow at least 70mm for ventilation around the dispenser

Location Factors

Do Not Locate Dispenser:

  • In direct sunlight
  • In a dusty, unventilated or humid environment
  • On an uneven or sloping surface or one with water on it
  • In, or close to, a lavatory
  • Near contaminating materials
  • Where a flood may cause serious damage i.e. Laminate floors.

Hygiene Factors

Do Not

  • Pour any unused water or beverages into the drip tray
  • Touch the nozzle of the dispensing tap
  • Use sprays, mists or vapours around the cooler


  • Empty the drip tray/drainage container and wash out regularly 
  • Wipe the outside surfaces of the cooler with a sanitising agent e.g. Milton or Liquid Dettox 
  • We have specific guidelines for schools, hospitals hospices and homes for the elderly on request.


If you require any further advice
or assistance please telephone us on:

01454 332845

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