How to Clean a Bottled Watercooler

By Joe Cox

Watercoolers are a breeding ground for microbiological contamination if not cleaned correctly and regularly so I thought it high time to put an up to date and detailed guide up to cleaning your bottled watercooler. Please note that this guide does not cover plumbed in watercoolers.

It’s important to never assume that a bottled watercooler is cleaned. Watercoolers need to be cleaned every six weeks or in between every bottle change, whichever comes first. It’s also important to wash your hands thoroughly before beginning the below procedure or wear disposable gloves.

1. Prepare a bleach solution using one tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water. Mix the solution thoroughly. Wash your hands after handling bleach. Bleach solutions must either be used within 30 days or thrown away.

2. Unplug the watercooler from the mains. This is extremely important to do before any cleaning takes place.

3. Remove the empty bottle from the top of the watercooler.

4. Use a sponge to clean the interior surface area of the top of the watercooler. Leave to stand for no longer than 5 minutes.

5. Pour the bleach solution through the water cooler and drain out the faucets into a bucket. Dispose of the solution immediately.

6. Now rinse out the reservoir by pouring water through it and draining it through the faucets. Do this at least four times.

7. Remove the drip tray and clean in the bleach solution using a sponge. Rinse the drip tray thoroughly in clean water.

8. Wash your hands thoroughly or dispose of the gloves.

9. Remove the cap from the new water bottle.

10. Lift the water bottle onto the cooler ensuring to bend your knees to lift and not your back. If the bottle is too heavy for you do not attempt to lift it but get someone else to do it.

11. Plug the watercooler back in and wait at least 30 minutes for the machine to bring the water down to the right temperature.

12. Pour yourself a glass of fresh cold spring water and enjoy.

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